Villa Information - "Handbook"

How Your Villa Works

This "handbook" is intended to guide you in the villa, the equipment available to you. Ultimately, the aim is to make it as easy as possible so that you can enjoy your stay in Bali.

We wish you a very nice holiday on the beautiful island of Bali and hope that after you have enjoyed the Balinese nature and culture, you can relax returning to your home with a piece of Bali in your heart.

What is on board?

  • 32” flat screen TV with satellite connection and 48 Channels.
  • DVD player with various films. 
  • iPhone / iPod music dock. 
  • Wifi Internet 24 hours a day (see owners for password)
  • Fan on stand 
  • Safety Deposit Box 
  • Guides books
  • First aid box
  • Binoculars 
  • Hair Dryer
  • 2 x Mobile Phones
  • Childrens toys, pushchair, cot, highchair
  • Sewing set with needles and yarn
  • Keys

Upon your arrival you will be provided with the keys to the front door and main gate of the villa. The main gate is normally locked at 18.00 hrs. but you can come and go as you please. Please keep the gate locked if you go out after 18.00hrs.

Electricity inside / outside the villa

On the covered terrace you will find a number of switches.

Garden lights and Pool Pump are on a timer, so you won’t find a switch for these as they go on and off at the set times. The terrace light switch is inside the villa near the concertina door and on the outside above the bureau along with the fan switch.

Please turn off the outside fan if you go out for the day and Patio Umbrella lights before going to bed.

Air conditioning: Please use with some thought, there is no need to keep the room cool during the hours it is not in use, we find it is best to turn on the AC 30 minutes before using the room /going to bed, then turning off when leaving the room in the morning.

Electricity Costs are expensive in Bali. Please conserve energy as you go.

The staff

We have 4 staff, we introduce them here:

Sinta and Ketut

The housekeepers and cook in the villas. They live in Lovina and Lokapaksa. They cook your food, make the beds, do the laundry, wash the dishes and clean the house. They are good cooks and prepare delicious Indonesian meals. They use vegetables and herbs in their preparation and also make delicious soup. You can always get fresh fish or meat; also the local fruit they prepare are very good. 

They will always ensure that there are seasonal fruit in the house if you wish. They speak good English so it's not hard to converse with them.

Discuss with 'Sinta' your requirements and she will take care of it for you. 

The girls work from 10:30 - 18:00 or if they are shopping for you they may arrive a little later.

Agus & Kadek

The gardeners, handymen / pool men Agus and Kadek. They are local residents of Lokapaksa. The boys do their job almost invisibly. Every morning they begin cleaning the pools and maintain the optimum chemistry of the pool. The rest of the day they are busy watering the garden and pruning the plants and trees. 

Agus and Kadek work from 7.00 - 17.00 and have a break from 11.00 to 13.00.

Lunch and dinner

The girls can prepare lunch and dinner for you, before the girls come to the villa they will do your grocery shopping for you if you wish, please provide the information for them the day before. For your breakfast, you should take care of this yourselves. For dinner, if you are not around at 18:00, they will leave something for you in the fridge. 

The girls will consult with you whether you want food prepared or not, what to eat and when you want to eat.

The Food; You pay for the ingredients / groceries / food items and drinks (juices) directly with them and they will purchase what you need, if you wish to shop yourselves, no problem, but remember it takes more than just the meat and vegetables to make a great meal, herbs and spices will be necessary. 

The staff have Sundays off; therefore you will have to take care of yourselves on that day. You can cook for yourself or use local restaurants in Lovina and surrounding area. The Restaurant “Spice Club” provide a free pick-up and return, the food is European and Balinese, see the brochure in the villa or see our website for more information.

We would however like to point out that it is not the intent for the girls to prepare your food on Saturdays for Sunday. 


We provide Wifi Internet access, search for the ‘Frangipani Hot Spot”.

The Wifi is free, but we request that NO heavy downloading take place during the daytime or evening, if you have large downloads, please do this at night. We can log on two laptops and two smart phones only, we do have the best Wifi to be had in North Bali but of course it is not up to worldwide standards as yet, so thoughtful use is expected.

The password for your device will be provided upon your arrival, once you are logged on, you will not need to re-enter the password again.

Operating the TV

The TV is a 32" LG flat screen and is equipped with a remote control. The TV is always in standby mode, so you can turn it on using the power button on the remote. 

You now have two options: use the "mode" button to switch between DVD and Satellite TV. The DVD will also play CD’s.

The ipod / iphone dock will ONLY take the devices mentioned, do not try to plug in other devices.


Your laundry will be picked up by the maid from the washing basket and washed for you. Please be reminded that the maid will not be held responsible for the ironing of your clothing. There is an ironing board and iron in the villa if you wish to do your own ironing. Please ensure all your washing is done in advance of your departure, the maid cannot do the washing and drying on the day of your departure.

Animals and pests

In the garden you will be amazed at the variety of birds and butterflies, also small and large lizards are visitors to the garden. 

You may also see a Monitor Lizard; an adult dragon of a meter long, although you initially you will be scared of the animal, is not dangerous to people. The dragon looks like a large lizard or small crocodile. Toads are also daily visitors; they sleep during the day and go out at night on the road! 

Depending on the season you may encounter flies. Please note that every murdered fly a delicious meal is for ants!!. Please therefore remove dead flies. On the fridge there are also fly mesh baskets that you can use during meals. Ants are also the greatest scavengers in the tropics, leave a crumb somewhere and they know how to find it, so cleanliness helps fight the fly’s!! The fight against ants, man will never win, the villa is always sprayed with “Baygon” before guests arrive, and this pest repellant helps against the ants. Mosquito skin cream is available in some shops, this will help. A good remedy against flies and mosquitoes is the fan; they struggle in this ‘windy’ environment.

A welcome guest is the ‘Gecko’ or Indonesian ‘Cicak’. These small lizards are usually at home on the wall or on the ceiling and make a ‘Chi-Chak’ sound. They never bother people and hunt small insects such as mosquitoes and flies, so let them do their own thing, they are welcome guests. 

We spray the villa with ‘Baygon’ before your arrival, we provide mosquito killer device in each bedroom and the bottle that fits inside, this is a good way to keep your room clear of mosquitos, turn on an hours or so before bedtime with the door shut, we do not provide you with an endless supply of aerosol  ‘Baygon’ insect repellent. 

The Beach

On the beach you will almost certainly encounter local people, often fishermen, beachcombers, children playing and people walking. Balinese people are very curious and you will find they will stare at you and in English call out to you, pay no attention to them and they will disappear. If you talk to them and, worse still give candy, it may be that every day they return in greater numbers to disturb your rest. Vendors from the beach are rare, but if you find one just send him away by saying ‘No thank-you’. If you want you can request our gardeners to deal with them.

Should you wish to look at the Vendors goods, again you can request our gardeners to assist you in the bartering to ensure you get a reasonable price, beware the watches are fake and the pearls are of the poorest kind, but sometimes it’s fun to chat with them and buy a few little things.

The Library

In the Villa we have a nice library of books and DVD’s, you may browse these books and play the DVD’s during your stay. Please return them at the end of your holiday so that others may enjoy. 

A Non-Smoking Villa

On the terrace of Villa Frangipani and in the garden you may smoke as much as you want, but not inside the Villa. Non smokers find it uncomfortable when they smell that there has been smoking in the house, you can guess it is also a serious fire hazard since we have thatched roofs on the villas, so Please, No Smoking!!.

The pool

The pool is cleaned and water chemistry checked by Komang or Eka, they keep the pool as clean as possible and if necessary they treat the water with the required chemicals to ensure the ‘balance’ of the pools chemistry is always at it’s optimum. The water should sparkle and invite you to dive or jump, however .... beware there is a shallow end! 

When you have had a massage or you are sunbathing and you are covered from head to toe with oil / cream of any kind, you must use the shower with warm water and soap before entering the pool. If you do not, the pool may suddenly turn into a green goo that you will not like swimming in, the oils and sun tan lotions also destroy the filter system which is very costly to repair / replace. It also takes our staff several days to clean the pool tiles, please respect this rule.

Drinking water

The tap water is not dangerous to drink, but we recommend you use the water dispenser for drinking water. The water dispenser is in the kitchen and provides chilled mineral water ‘Aqua’. The water is free for you and when the bottle is empty, please notify the Maid and she will arrange for it to be exchanged. Should it occur that the water runs out on a Sunday, please advise / telephone the owners, they can replace it. If you wish, you can replace yourself on a Sunday, there is always a full bottle of water in the Staff room by the front gates. Please use the blue cap from the empty bottle and the small white cap that fits inside the cap, this allows the bottle to be turned upside down and placed in the dispenser, under no circumstances force the sealed cap onto the dispenser, remove it and use the blue cap provided.

Bale Bengong and Sunbeds

The Bale Bengong: is a small rest house by the beach side. The gardener will take care of the cushions and the blinds. In any case, he does so at 17.00 before he goes home. If you still want to use the bale bengong no problem, but we would ask you lower the blinds and turn out the light before leaving it to go to bed, this will protect the cushions if it rains at night and save electricity.

Sunbeds: the cushions of the sunbeds are resistant to rain, but Please protect them from the rain, including before going to bed. In addition, if you have a massage on the beds or cushions, you must use a towel to protect the covers from any surplus oils.

Nudist: Out of respect for the Balinese and their Hindu faith, we ask you not to go topless in the garden or the swimming pool.

The Air Conditioning

In each of the two bedrooms of the Villa there is an air conditioning unit, which can be operated using the remote control. For the "COOL program"; simply press the MODE button until the “COOL” icon appears in the display. Then set the desired temperature. A good temperature for sleeping is 23 to 24 deg.C 

Imagine the difference between the temperature inside and outside!! Running the AC too Cool can give you a cold and will attract more moisture than necessary and may spoil your personal effects in the room.

Energy Conservation

“Please save energy”

Energy, especially electricity, is very expensive in Bali. We therefore ask you to be considerate with the AC. That is to say, 30 minutes before bedtime the air conditioning can be turned on with the bedroom door shut, and of course in the morning turn the air conditioning off again. We do not charge extra for energy, but trust that you will manage it carefully. Please do not run the AC 24 / 7, this is total waste of electricity, also running the AC at 16 deg C will only make the windows and your clothing sweat.

The Safe Deposit Box

Despite the fact that there is virtually no crime in the north of Bali, it is still best to use the safety deposit box in the villa. The safe is mounted in the wardrobe of bedroom 1.

The Safe is operated as follows:

  1. Key in the code 159A 
  2. Turn the large black knob clockwise and the safe will open 
  3. On the inside of the door on the hinge side, there is a button, when this button is pressed you will hear a beep and you can then input your own code. The code must be 4 digits and 1 letter - A or B. eg. 1234B or 5678A.
  4. When opening the safe, you can only open it with the code you typed. Should it be that you forget the code during your vacation, request to the owners and they will use the key to open it and then you may input a new code. 

Only the Owners hold this key!

Villa Safety

Slip Hazards

A Very important subject! The floor of your villa and also the floor of your terrace and villa have ceramic tiles for ease of hygiene. The tiles are glazed, they are very slippery after mopping the floor, even if you come out of the pool or when your feet are wet because of the rain, the floor is slippery. Please be very careful and be cautious when the floor is wet, dry your feet before walking on the tiles. Please tell your children NOT to run around with wet feet, it is for your and your family safety. Parents are fully responsible for their children’s safety while staying at the villa, please take care about wet feet, running etc. We want your stay at the villa to be accident free.


The Villa is built with a thatched roof. The Balinese call this roofing "alang alang". The dry grass is like a thatched roof and is highly flammable and therefore we pay high insurance premiums because of this. It is not permitted to have fireworks or fires / BBQ’s within the villa grounds or on the beach and strictly No Smoking in the Villa. 

At the breakfast bar in the kitchen there is a fire extinguisher that you can use in case of fire. 

  1. Remove the pin from the handle

  2. Point the hose at the base of the fire

  3. Squeeze the handle 

  4. If in doubt, leave the villa immediately and call the owners.

Sunshades and umbrellas

On the roof edge around the terrace on the side of the villa there are hanging blinds or sun / rain screens, for the sun, you will not really need to lower them because the terrace itself offers enough shade, however, the rain can actually penetrate the terrace so they are good for rain protection. When the sky is dark and heavy rain is imminent, it is prudent to lower the blinds on the windward side, this prevents the whole terrace being flooded by the rain. A monsoon wind is almost horizontal causing the water to be pushed towards the villa doors. When the gardeners are present, they will lower the blinds for you and then pull them up again after the rain.

FAQ’s / Frequently Asked Questions ...

Here we try to provide you with some helpful advice and information.

Gratuities for Staff

Bali is a land of tips and hints. Most Balinese live under the poverty line and are delighted with something extra. A working Balinese earns around 800,000 Rupiah per month. They work six days a week. Our staff earn more than the average Balinese and we aim to keep it that way.

If you are satisfied with the good work of our Maid and her skills, not to forget the Driver an our gardeners, we would appreciate it if you reward them with a nice tip, it is of course at your discretion. 

How you withdraw money?

The currency is the Rupiah (Rp.) in Bali. 1 Million Rupiah equivalent to approx. € 80,00. The largest banknote is 100,000 Rupiah and corresponds to approx. € 8,00. The smallest banknote is 1,000 Rupiah and corresponds to € 0.08. Bali has a number of large banks, BCA and BNI banks are two of the largest. There are many ATM machines and can use your card in the ABN-AMRO and Rabobank. Also credit cards such as Visa and American Express pose no problem.

What language is spoken in Bali?

The general language in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia. The language is originally from Malaysia. At school, the language is taught. Each region has its own dialect and so do the Balinese, they speak Balinese themselves.

Especially young people generally speak some English, but do not expect too much. Guides and drivers generally speak reasonable English.

Calling to and from Bali.

We will provide you 2 x mobile phones for your use while you are staying with us, both phones are programmed with each of the mobile phones number and the owners phone numbers. You can buy credit for these phones in most small supermarkets or shops selling mobile phones. As a guide, you can ‘top-up’ the phone and call each other all week for around Rp.20,000

It is also possible for incoming calls to the mobile phone from overseas to your number. Your caller uses +62 or 0062 then omit the zero (0) from your mobile phone number.

Please leave the mobile phone in the villa when you depart at the end of your stay.

Is Bali safe?

Yes, crime is not common in Bali.  

What about medical care?

In North Bali there are sufficient first aid stations, doctors, dentists and hospitals, please call the owners if you need some help.

What can we eat in Bali?

In the villa you eat what you want, you pay for the groceries and our staff cook excellent meals. Fish, chicken or meat all freshly purchased. As the boats are parked at the door you will regularly get the offer of Tuna, barracuda, snapper and prawns are very affordable delicacies you can expect on your plate. Chicken is safe to eat because even Balinese love buying fresh. Of course there is the heavenly host of fruit depending on the season, such as, mango, papaya, pineapple, melon, salak, apple, pear and rambutan. Enjoy it!

Where do I get my groceries?

Your groceries are best purchased in Hardy's Supermarket in Seririt or Carrefour in Singaraja. There is almost everything for sale. In addition there are several small shops in Seririt.

 The local wine is "Hatten". The wine is available in red, white and rosé, it is an excellent wine, you can buy it in bottles or 2lt boxes, same wine but the boxes are much cheaper. Other wines from France, Italy, Chile, Australia etc. may be for sale, but the price is 3 times higher than in the UK.

The beer selection is quite limited in Bali, but Bintang is a good Indonesian beer, you won’t find a better larger style beer. The price is very reasonable. If you turn right out of the gate of the villa to the end of the road, turn right again towards the beach you will find there is a small shop that always keeps cold beer if you run short in an emergency!

The most delicious bread you can buy at "The Bakery" in Lovina.

Where can I find good restaurants?

There are several restaurants and bars in Lovina. See our website for details of restaurants and bistros.

You can find a lot of information from our website if you take the time to browse, Go to

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