The Giant Tree

700+ year old Banyan tree with Special Powers!!

This huge Banyan tree can be found at a village called 'Gesing', approximately 20km south east of Seririt, head towards Munduk and look out for signs pointing you to the Giant Tree, there are also two temples on the spot, Pura Pecalang and Pura Subak.

The Giant Banyan Tree - Gesing Village  700 year old root structure of the Giant Banyan Tree - Gesing Village

The Giant Tree, 700+ years old and 85m high              Look around inside the tree root system

The tree is huge by any standards, it measures 85m high and is said to have reached 115m at one time and measures 70 metres in diameter, it is a maze of roots that tower above, this leave access so that you can actually walk inside the tree, yes walk around inside the trees root system.

It is said that during the Dutch occupancy in 1940's, there were many of the local heroes hidden inside the tree and incredible as it may seem, the Dutch troops could not see them!!. The locals state that the troops could not find them in the tree as the spirit of the tree made them invisible to others. People here believe that the tree possess a spirit with special powers that make your wishes come true. "I guess it's worth a try"!.

Root of the Banyan Tree at Gesing   The Giant Tree at Gesing Village

   "Did I say the tree possesses spirits?"                Also a sacred tree, so respect it when visiting

Anyway, don't be surprised when you see Balinese wrapping special cloth around these trees as they do believe that spirits and demons live in trees such as this. 

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for Giant Tree location.


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