Bali Coffee & Tea Tasting

A Taste of Bali in Tropical Surroundings

We have put this page in our Exploration Guide rather than the Local Adventure Guide as we feel it deserves special attention, to add, it is about 1hr 30mins away from Bali Sea Villas. The 'Coffee Break' (Subak Bali Agro) is an ideal place to take a brief rest from your journey to the villa from Denpasar or when you are returning home, it is also on the way to Ubud if you are taking a trip there.

This place is a little gem, you can stop here, have a personal guide (free of charge) that will meet you as you arrive and take you around the little forest which holds an abundance of naturaly growing coffee bushes, chocolate trees, pineapples, lemon grass, vanilla plants and so on, about half way round this plantation there is a stall that is set up for Coffee, Tea and Chocolate tasting and it is free!!.

Coffee Stop Guide  Coffee Stop Plantation

You will be shown coffee beans being roasted in the traditional way which includes the traditional way of pounding the beans into a powder.

Coffee Stop Coffee Roasting  Coffee Stop Coffee Pounding

So, for the tea and coffee tasting in beatiful tropical surroundings; there are many many kinds of coffee's and tea's to taste here and the guide will make you one of each kind, Bali Coffee, Lewak Coffee (there is a small charge for this one) and how about a "Honeymoon Coffee", Lemon Grass Tea, Ginger Tea, Fruit Tea and so on. You will taste around 10 different varieties of tea and coffee.

Coffee and Tea Tasting  Coffee and Tea Tasting

After you tea and coffee tasting you will continue the guided tour and arrive at the home of the Lewak, the actual animal is there that eats the coffee beans and excreets them for collection by the staff, 3 x cleaning processes and then drying them ready for peeling and extraction of the coffee been that has been internaly processed by the Lewak, Amazing!!!. For information, the Lewak only eats coffee beans, it selects only the good and ripe beans, eats them whole and also deposits them whole, this is where the cleaning and pealing comes in by the staff. No wonder it's the most expensive coffee in the world.

Lewak eating coffee beans  Coffee Stop Shop

When you have done a full circle of the facilities you will arrive at a small shop that sells all the teas and coffees that you have just tasted, you are not obliged to buy so don't worry. A small tip for the guide is recommended.

Sabak Bali Agro (Coffee Break)

Desa Mekarsari

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for coffee and tea tasting location.

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