Where to Shop 

Groceries, Wine, Beer, Clothing.

As you can guess this is a large subject, here we will keep it brief for what we feel would be the essentials. This guide will focus on the local aspect and what is available to you, some things can't be found in the North of Bali, shopping in the South of Bali is by far, more 'up to date' and there is much more in the way of choice and quality there. This page may save you time and money, keeping it simple is nearly always best and time is one thing you don't want to waste while your enjoying your holiday.


The Maids can do your grocery shopping for you, but as always you need to go there yourself to look around and see what is what. Your first port of call would be 'Hardy's' in Seririt, this is the nearest supermarket to the villa, you will find all the usual food stuff here, fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, steaks, fish etc. All the other usual items that would be on a standard shopping list are available here, coffee or various types, teas, milk, sugar, tinned foods, cereals, baby milk and baby products etc. There is also a fairly large selection of household type items if you need. 

There is a further 'Hardy's' Supermarket in Singaraja, always worth a look as you can find different items in the Singaraja branch from the Seririt branch.

One more Supermarket in Singaraja is 'Carrefor', again there is a veriety of supermarket items here.

All the above supermarkets can be located on our Adventure Guide Location Map.

Beer & Wines

An important subject !!, for the local beer 'Bintang' and the local wines, the cheapest place to pick these up is at the little supermarket in Lovina called 'Angsoka', it's almost opposite the 'Lovina Bakery'. Here you will be able to pick up the cheapest beer and wine in town to put in your fridge, best to buy the wine in boxes as it is cheaper than bottles and exactly the same, fits in the fridge perfectly!. For a bigger selection of wines you will need to use 'Carrefor' or 'Hardy's' in Singaraja but wine by the bottle is alot more expesive.

The above supermarket can be located on our Adventure Guide Location Map.


For day to day clothing you can find this in many of the little places along the main roads or in Lovina, shorts, tee shirts, vests, tops, dresses etc,, for lets say 'up market' good quality clothing we would suggest a visit to the 'Spice Club Boutique'.

Extract from the Spice Beach Club Boutique Website below;

"Open every day until 11pm Spice Beach”“Lifestyle” Boutique offers an elegant range of jewellery, accessories, beachwear, clothing, stationery, and homeware for women, men and children. Each item for sale in the Boutique has been selected with the Bali Spice Beach Club customer in mind and is created using the finest material available".

For Full Information, Visit The Spice Club Website 

The above location "Spice Beach Club" can be located on our Adventure Guide Location Map.


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