Restaurants, Bistros and Cafés of North Bali

A Guide to the Real Taste of Bali

Here we will provide an overview of Local Restaurants, Bistros and Cafés along the North Bali Coast that are worth a visit, of course all eateries vary with their own styles, settings, cuisine, special dishes and of course prices, so we will give our opinion and recommendation here but do explore for yourself.

Food and cooking is a personal thing, some like hot and spicy, some don't, some like it this way or that, we aim to provide you with an overview of what is on offer and we recommend you at least try some of the fantastic local Bali dishes, not everything is to every ones taste but well worth a go. 

Get a Real Taste of Bali !!

Spice Beach Club

"Indulge in luxury at the beach - Right in Lovina"

This is a great place to visit, not only is it a good restaurant, it's a bar, has a boutique and it's own scuba dive centre all in one location!. For the purposes of this page we will provide information of the restaurant, the Scuba Diving, the Bar and the Boutique can be found on our other pages.

Spice Beach Club evening dining Spice Beach Club dining

The Spice Beach Club are open every day until 11pm, they cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu delivers an International cuisine, you can have breakfast overlooking the beach or by the pool, there is a raised dining area which is well furnished and surrounded by a dip pool, a separate lounging area for pre or post dinner drinks and relaxation. There are a row of sun beds right on the beach in front of the Bar and Dining Areas for you to relax. The Spice Club also cater for children with childrens menu.

Spice Beach Club loungers Spice Beach Club relax

The Spice Beach Club is well worth a visit, it has a lovely atmosphere, relaxed ambiance, soft music in the background and an informal feel about it, a place you take take your time to wine and dine. Visit the Spice Beach Club Website to view the full menus available.

Not only is this restaurant well appointed and well worth a visit, it has free WiFi and they will pick you up from the villa for Free!!

Highly Recommended.

Spice Beach Club, Jl.Raya Singaraja-Seririt 224. 

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.

Tel: +62 (0)362-7012666

Warung Bambu Pemaron

"Restaurant & Gallery"

This restaurant is a nice place to take lunch or dinner, the building is constructed from bamboo, open air and situated amongst the padi fields providing a lovely Bali feel.

View From warung Bambu

The food is fresh, well prepared and well presented, try some typical Balinese dishes here, you won't regret it. The menu is sensibly priced to suite most pockets. (Note: the owners state that No MSG used in the food preparation which we believe is a great thing and support the elimination from food).

Warung Bambu  Warung Bambu Food Presentation

Warung Bambu Pemaron is very 'Arty', plenty of Balinese style contemporary art paintings by 'Symon' surround the walls of the premises.

To add, every Wednesday and Sunday evening they have Balinese Dancing, you can also take dancing, music and cooking classes here!. 


Warung Bambu Pemaron

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.

Tel: +62 (0)362-31455

Marputu Restaurant

"Beach Front Restaurant with Exclusive Taste"

This restaurant can be found just on the outskirts of a village called 'Bukti' about a one hour drive from Bali Sea Villas going east along the coast road, never a problem as you can take in a Pura (Temple) on the way, 'Pura Meduwe Karang', fairly close to the restaurant location at Kubutambahan 7km east of Singaraja and open from 10am to 10pm.

Marputu Restaurant is a cosy little place, not overly dressed up but comfortable, neat, tidy and clean. It is located right on the sea front, I say sea front as there is no beach as such here as this restaurant advertises, but all the same it's a nice place to sit and look out to sea while dining and enjoying the sea breeze.

Marputu Restaurant Marputu Restaurant 2

The food is well cooked and presented nicely, mostly Indonesian dishes, seafood always on the menu but if you prefer, a decent imported Australian steak can be had here too. The staff are polite and helpful and prices are pretty good when compared to the quality of each dish served. You will find a small area set aside to relax before or after dining, the beer is always cold and 'Hatten' wine can be had here too, Free Wifi is available.


Marputu Restaurant, Jalan Raya Air Sani, Desa Bukti, Kubutambahan.

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.

Tel: +62 (0)812-3879773

Lovina Bakery

The Bakery Expats Love

We need to put this little bakery here for you, they have a great assortment of fresh bread (white, brown, multi-grain, hard and soft breads), croissants and cakes. The bakery is located in central Lovina, take a sandwich here as they have the best bread you can find in town, I cannot give enough praise to the Cheesecake and Apple or Berry Strudel slices here, delicious!.

Lovina Bakery 1  Lovina Bakery 2  Lovina Bakery 3

You will not only find a nice well presented café, but the shop is well stocked with sausage, meats, hams, cheeses, condiments, imported spirits such as 'Gordons Gin' and all the little things that expats miss or can't find when living here in North Bali.

Alternatively, give our Maid your list of requirements and we will have it picked up for you and delivered to you the next morning.

Highly Recommended

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for bakery location.

Bumi Bali Restaurant

"The Magic of Balinese Flavour"

Not exactly North Bali we know, but if your taking a day trip to Ubud then this is a place to visit, the food is delicious, well presented and extremely well priced, pretty much everything you want.

Wanci - Dulang - Small TableYour choice of dish will arrive on a 'Wanci' platter, a local custom apparently. (a translation to Bahasa Indonesia; you find; 'Dulang' = 'Small Table'), and this is exactly what the food arrives on with a banana leaf to separate the wood from your food.

The restaurant specialises in Balinese dishes, I can highly recommend the 'Vegetarian Nasi Campur', it's superb and the best you will find anywhere.

We can recommend the 'Tahu Isi' for a little starter while your having a beer and waiting for your main meal (Deep fried tofu which is stuffed with vegetables and served with a peanut sauce).

Bali Bumi Ubud Nasi Campur

The staff are always welcoming, well dressed and very polite, there is Free Wifi, a main restaurant seating area, an area where you can sit on the floor with cushions at low tables in Balinese / Javanese style or sit at tables in the open air. There is also a bar.

This restaurant runs cooking classes if you are interested, we have watched this and it is indeed very informative.

The restaurant is well located for shopping in the main street of Jl. Monkey Forest, proceed up the hill from the Monkey Forest Nature Reserve and the restaurant will be found on the right hand side.

Highly Recommended

Bali Bumi Restaurant, Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.

Tel: +62 (0)361-976698

Kali Manik - Eco Resort

"Organic" Restaurant

Kali Manik resort has a great restaurant, they use organic food items where ever possible right from their own gardens!, to add; this is another restaurant that does not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) so that is another bonus.

The restaurant is quite unique, the location is very quiet and right on the beach, the on table menu does have some great dishes, some you won't find anywhere else, only here. They seem to have created their own unique way here, very nice and different.

To quote from their own Website;

Kali Manik Eco Restaurant..............."Our restaurant team serves you fine authentic international and local cuisine with – as far as possible - organic ingredients from our own gardens. We do not use any MSG in our kitchen. We use only drinking water for washing of salads and vegetables and for the preparation of ice for your drinks. Whole wheat - and white bread, cakes, pasta, cream cheese, patè, ice creams, jams and much more are produced on our own premises"................

We have always enjoyed our meals at this restaurant, the prices are fair and the quality is there, not to mention the organic side of things, so we believe it is good value for money and worth a visit.

I can recommend the 'Pepes Ikan' (fish cooked in a banana leaf with herbs and spices), grilled or steamed, delicious!. Your drink even comes with a bamboo straw, very Eco.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8am to 9pm

Highly Recommended

Kali Manic Eco Resort, Kalisada, Seririt.

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.

Tel: +62 (0)362-7064888

Kakatua Bar & Restaurant - Lovina

"Good Food, Free Wifi, Cold Beer, Friendly Atmosphere"

A bit of a regular stop off this one, it becomes a regular because you feel comfortable in there. The menu is varied, it's international and Indonesian / Bali, a good sea food plater can be had hear, the Balinese dishes are very tasty.

There is a bar at one end of the restaurant, small but funtional, live music can be had here too. The beer is cold and free wifi to go with it.

                      Kakatua Bar and Restaurant  

A good location, nearly the last restaurant before Lovina beach front, easy access to other bars and pubs from here. All in all a good place for lunch or an evening out. Good value for money and enjoyable. (Be aware service may be slow if it's busy).


Jln. Binaria, Lovina Beach

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.


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