Munduk Waterfall in North Bali

A Wonderful & Enchanting Experience

There are a few waterfalls in Bali to visit, this is our favourite and only a 40 minute drive from Bali Sea Villas. From the villa you make your way to Seririt and then on toward the village of Munduk in the hills, after making your way up the winding mountain roads and through small villages you will come upon the Munduk Waterfall, parking is available and a small shop is open for refreshments, there is also a restaurant not 50m from this car park. Be careful when crossing the road from the car park to the waterfall access path!.

Munduk Waterfall access road  Munduk Waterfall Access Track

To reach the waterfall you must make a descending trek of 500m on fairly steep paths that lead to the bottom of the valley where the waterfall is situated, you will enjoy the walk in the lush green forest providing you with a view of coffee bushes, tall bamboo, chocolate, cloves, pineapples and various seasonal flowers, if you look closely you will see that orchids are naturally growing on some of these trees.

Munduk Waterfall trekking path  Munduk Waterfall Orchids

There is a small stall about half way down the trail, here you may or may not find a person to pay your small entrance fee, don't worry if you nobody is there, carry on and maybe you will see them on your return. Next to this entrance booth is a small warung (shop) selling packets of herbs and spices amongst other things, you will see fresh spices and the world famous and most expensive coffee beans in the world "Kopi Lewak", a good place to stop for a breath or two when you are ascending.

Munduk Waterfall Spice Shop  Munduk Waterfall Spices and Lewak Coffee Beans for sale

When you reach the bottom of the downward path, there is a further 'warung' (shop), another little 'pit stop' to browse the goods on sale or take refreshments, the waterfall is now only about 50m away, take your time to admire it from various aspects / locations. Here you will get some lovely photographs for your holiday album. The waterfall is beautiful, don't be frightened to get a little damp from the waterfall spray as you have your photographs taken with a wonderful and enchanting background of Munduk Waterfall.

Munduk Waterfall View 1  Munduk Waterfall - wonderful and enchanting

Enjoy your day out and include this visit with a relaxing lunch at the nearby restaurant and admire the views from there................enjoy!!!


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