Local Food Markets

There are several Local Food Markets to try, Seririt, Lovina and Singaraja, a great place to meet the local people and buy some very fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, spices and much more in the bargain.

Seririt Market

Seririt Market is very close to Bali Sea Villas, about 5 minutes by car and situated opposite "Hardy's" Supermarket in central Seririt, this is shown on our 'Adventure Guide Location Map'. . The market is larger than the Lovina Food Market and has two shopping levels. 

Here you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, spices, clothing and much more. Probably the prefered market to visit.

Bali Sea Villas - Seririt Market  Bali Sea Villas - Seririt Market 2

A few tips before your enter the market, dress down as we say, don't wear your best clothes, this will help you to 'blend in' a little, keep your cash in a front pocket of your trousers, don't carry handbags, don't bring out wads of money when paying for something, do take a shopping bag and most of all enjoy your adventure.

Lovina Market

Lovina Market, about a 20 minute drive from Bali Sea Villas and situated just outside of the heart of Lovina, a small market but full of life. The above photo's show the market outlay and a large veriety of fruit and vegetables.

Bali Sea Villas - Lovina Market  Bali Sea Villas - Lovina Market Fruit

The market can be found just a few meters away from the "Lovina Bakery", this is shown on our 'Adventure Guide Location Map'. 

Bali Sea Villas - Lovina Market Fish  Bali Sea Villas - Lovina Market Tuna

The above photographs show a variety of fish, the woman here is slicing huge Tuna Steaks.

Take your time to explore this market, there is a good veriety of fruit, vegetables, egss, meats and fish of all kinds, the people are always happy chat to you, but be patient as they are also busy people trying to make a living. You can try to barter with them but best to walk around and check out the prices of other vendors first then come back round again, try to see what locals are buying and how much they are paying.

Bali Sea Villas - Lovina Market Chickens  Bali Sea Villas - Lovina Market Tempe

The above photographs show the chickens and ducks for sale, another vendor selling Tempe.

Having made your visit to the market you could always drop into one of the bars / restaurants for a nice lunch, see our 'Local Restaurants, Bistro's & Cafe' page or keep it real and visit one of the 'Warungs' for a local meal, see our 'Warungs & Gerobaks' page.


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