Warungs and Gerobaks

A Guide To Local Balinese Eateries

This Food Guide of where to eat at Warungs, Gerobaks and Pikulans along the North Coast of Bali will provide you with some direction to a few good local eateries, I mean 'local', these are the places that Balinese locals eat at or get a 'Take-a-Way'. There are some great dishes to be had here, some are quite basic but have good taste, some are more than you can eat or as much as you want to eat and pay for what you eat, you will see what we are talking about further into this page.

Firstly, the translation from Indonesian to English of 'Warung' is 'Shop; 'Gerobak' is 'Cart', 'Rumah Makan' is 'Restaurant' and 'Pikulan' is 'Yoke', no further explanation needed, but here are a few photo's to show you what we are talking about;

Warung 1  Warung 2

Above left; a typical Warung or Rumah Makan, bench seating is common place, basic amenities, no 'frills' and food is cooked to order depending on what you select. Above right; a 'Padang' Warung with food displayed in the front window, this is a speciality from Sumatra, well worth a try and the choice is vast.

Gerobak 1  Pikulan

Above left; a typical Gerobak set up, there are many variation on this theme, all selling something different, some provide seating and some don't, just find a wall to sit on!. Above right; a Pikulan with the vendor selling bakso, these are not as common as the Gerobak, this is more of a 'Stop Me and Buy One' set up.

There is a vast choice of dishes out there when it comes to Warungs, Gerobaks and Pikulans, so here are just a few of the dishes to wet your appetite, then you can begin your own exploration and adventures.


Nasi Goreng

Nasi GorengNot a person that has ever visited Indonesia has gone away without knowing this dish, it's the anchor dish of Indonesia, probably the first dish you will or should try. It's a fried rice, ingredients vary from vendor to vendor, but basically, Rice, Tomato Sauce, beaten egg, shallots, salt, oil, chopped spring onion, coriander, cumin, chilli peppers and ketchup asin. That's a basic one, then comes the 'type' of Nasi Goreng you have opted for, Chicken, Sea Food or other, this will also be added into the cooking. The Nasi Goreng "Special" is when you have a fried egg on top!. All this with possibly a couple of satay sticks or piece of chicken with sliced cucumber, tomatoe and prawn crackers on the side.


Babi Guling

Babi GulingA very Balinese dish, roast pig or pork if you like, all I can say is it looks great and they really know how to cook it, it tastes delicious. They manage to get the 'crackling' cooked to perfection, light and crispy.

Plenty of warungs around for this one, we've listed a favourite in the North for you.




Well this one also needs not too much of an introduction, plenty of food stalls or Gerobaks are selling this one, it's a spicy meat ball soup with noodles to put it in basic terms, makes a great snack type food, very cheap and very tasty. This dish can be spiced up to your liking, no spice to very hot. Here in Bali you will mostly find that the meat balls are made from chicken since the Balinese don't eat beef, generaly the bakso vendor will have his own recipe for this dish and keeps it a well kept secret.




Gado GadoA big favourite, very vegetarian and delicious, made from steamed vegetables, potato, bean sprouts, lontong (steamed rice compressed into a rolled up banana leaf), and maybe some tempe or tahu, served with a couple of slices of cucumber, peanut sauce and a few prawn crackers.




Satay Ayam

SatayGot to be everyones favourite this one, who can resist those pieces of diced chicken on sticks?, quick and easy meal, great with varying sauces of your choice from sweet to sour or again the peanut sauce. This dish goes perfectly with lontong.




Below, we will list a few places you can explore the local delights.

Warung Aria

'Special Chinese Food'

Warung AriaThis warung is very well know in these parts, definitly the first place you should try, they may well specialise in Chinese Food but I can tell you the Bali / Indonesian dishes are excellent.

The warung has a good table top menu and special menus on the walls. The staff here are great, very nice people, always happy and very efficient when it comes to taking your order and cooking it.

The Gado-gado is pretty good here, the Nasi Goreng is probably the best around and the breaded prawns are to die for! the portions you recieve are very good and you will not be disapointed in that department, prices are a 'tad' high for local food in warungs but you are recieving good value for that money.

The warung is well positioned opposite the 'Pashaa' Night Club, you can't miss it, they do 'Take-a-Ways' also, beer is cold !!

Highly Recommended

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.

Jl. Raya Lovina No.18, Kaliasem, Singaraja.

Tel: +62 (0)362-41341

Tel: +62 (0)813-37183750

Warung Apple

"Balinese & Indonesian Food / Seafood"

This place is about as good as it gets for 'Value for Money', you can get a sea food platter here for under 4 euro's. The restaurant is small, basic but the food is freshly cooked. 

A great lunch time stop off if your peckish and it won't break the bank.


Warung Apple, Jl. Mawar, Kalibukbuk, Lovina.

See our Adventure Guide Location Map for restaurant location.


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