Dolphin Watching in North Bali

Watch wild Dolphins swim in natural surroundings

Dolphin watching in North Bali is extremely popular with our guests at Bali Sea Villas, we can arrange for a boat to pick you up on the beach in front of your villa, the traditional Balinese boat takes you to the location that the dolphins are swimming on that particular day so that you can watch them and take photos of them swimming and jumping in their natural habitat.

Dolphin Watching early morning start  Dolphin Watching - The Driver

       Early Morning Start to Arrive at Sunrise             The Traditional Motor Boat and Captain

The Dolphin Watching tour starts just before dawn breaks, the traditional motor boat will be waiting for you on the shore in front of the villa about 05:45hrs, you then journey towards Lovina, this is generally where the dolphins play at sunrise, although you will by chance see the dolphins pass by the villa on occasion. Once you arrive in the location don't be surprised when suddenly another 20 boats with dolphin watchers appear out of nowhere. 

Dolphins leaping at sunrise - Lovina  Dolphin Watching Lovina

             Dolphins Leaping at Sunrise                             Following the Dolphins as they move

The boats will follow the dolphins where ever they go, you will see them dance in the breaking sunrise at dawn and if you are lucky you will pick up some super photographs of them leaping.

The tour will take around 2.5hrs max, about 45 minutes motoring to the location, an hour watching dolphins then 45 minutes return journey. I would say it is well worth the Rp.350,000 per boat (just over £20).

                       Lovina area dolphin watching

A great adventure made easy, we book it for you, step our of the villa directly on to the beach and the boat is waiting for you, you are back in the villa for breakfast by 9am - Have a Nice Day!

Some Tips - (1) Take your camera in a plastic bag. (2) Keep taking pictures even if you don't see the dolphins as you don't know when the dolphins will leap, you can delete unwanted photos later. (3) Two to a boat is perfect.


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