The Villa Gardens

A Tropical Paradise

Just as the subtitle describes, the tropical gardens surrounding the villa is a tropical paradise, you will be amazed at the natural beauty and the number of specimen plants that can be found. We promise you will not tire of the continual natural and exotic beauty that these gardens have to offer in peaceful and private surroundings.

Bali Sea Villas Tropical Gardens

Within the grounds there are coconut trees, papaya trees, mango trees and the list goes on, below are some photos of what you can expect to see around this beautiful garden.

Tropical Garden, bali flowersTropical Gardens and Bali Flowers in bloom.Red Bali Flowers in Bali Sea Villas Tropical Gardens.

Bali Flowers in bloom in a Tropical Garden.

Bali Sea Villas tropical garden flowers in Bali.Peach colour Bali flowers in Bali Sea Villas Tropical Gardens.







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